Contact Popup in full width

Hi Vlad.

I don’t use the Google map and want the contactform in the popup in full width.
Actual I use the folowing lines as additional CSS:

.contact-popup-form.col-md-6 {
  width: 100%;

Is there a better way to do so?

Thanks for a reply,


Looks right.

Additionally, you can also add this extra code to make it look better in this scenario:

.contact-popup-form.col-md-6 input:not(.wpcf7-submit) {
    width: 100%;

Hi Vlad.

Thanks for your response, i will try that.

Hi there

I also want a full-width contact popup without the map. I removed the map by simply deleting the address in the Talon Pro customisation options, but can’t seem to change the appearance or the width of the contact popup.

I’ve tried adding the code above to the Simple CSS, but nothing is happening.

Here’s the link - the contact popup is ‘Feedback’ (

Many thanks!


I can’t seem to be able to access your site.
However, that code should work.

Sorry, left the backslash off the link - here it is I have added the code, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Perhaps I have to do more to remove the map?

Is anything you have in Simple Custom CSS working? Somehow I feel it’s not working at all on your site.

Could you please try adding the code to Customize > Additional CSS?

No, I don’t think Simple CSS is working. I have no idea why.

I’ve just tried adding the code as you suggest, but the contact popup still looks just the same.

Any ideas?

Now it doesn’t work because the code I posted is wrong. I just modified it. Also you have to also add the code from the first post of this topic.

I have no idea about Simple CSS. Apparently its stylesheet is not loading for some reason.

Brilliant!! Working fine now. Thank you so much.