Contact Pop Up - Size of Form / Padding inside Pop Up Form

Hi once again,
i open a separate topic, as it is different from the colour thing and somebody might search for it.

I would like to change the size of contact form pop up as the icons on the top are to narrow to the end of the browser window. Moreover, for my opinion the field for text is too big.
How can I reduce the overall size of the pop up content, not necessarily the font size. But like adding some inner padding to center it a bit more?

Thank you.


I guess the easiest way would be to reduce the size of the textarea from inside the plugin. Indeed, the default height that the plugin uses looks pretty big. See here please:

I don’t get the what you’d like to center. Can you share a link to your site please?

It is not in productive state at the moment, working on the draft.

The thing with the textarea - I already tried it before I opened the topic. Does not matter which sizes I try, the textarea stays always the same size.

With “center” I mean, that the complete content of the contact form gets a padding to increase the spacing to the border of the whole pop up. E.g. add 50px top padding to have the icons a little bit lowered.

Made it - I found a solution!