Contact info email


My email address does not line up with the email symbol in the footer. It lined up with it before I added the 800 number in the contact info. How can I fix this problem?


If you look at the footer the font size is smaller in the contact info on the discovery page, about us, and contact page. The home page and website design page have bigger fonts for the contact info and does not look right. How can I fix this problem?


Yeah, something on those pages is throwing the fonts off. Perhaps you’re using a fonts plugin or something?
Anyway, add this to a custom CSS plugin to fix it:

.footer-widget-area .widget,
.site-info {
   font-size: 14px !important;


I’m not using a fonts plugin. I put the code in the footer and it did not work. The code I pasted in the footer was displayed in the browser. Where exactly should I put the code in CSS?


It’s fixed thank you.


I meant use a custom CSS plugin, like this one. Install it and go to the plugin and add the code I gave you. You’ll see that it provides a code area where you can add the code I gave you now, or any other CSS code that you might want in the future.