Contact form

I really need to add at least one or two more contact phones in the same block but in a column.

Hi, you think in Quill FP: contact?
Please include link to your page.

Yes, QUILL FP contact

Hi Serg, sorry for the delay. If you want several black blocks with Tel number it is outside the scope of free support. These theme is free after all.

But I want to be good host :slight_smile: this time so tell me how many fields you need, and I’ll make necessary changes? (just for Tel number)

Oh, thank you!
I need three fields for Tel. numbers in the same block in three lines.

Ok, this is the best I can offer. In your theme folder go to widgets folder and replace fp-contact.php with new one.

And this is result

Hope I helped you

Not exactly what I want but it helped anyway.
Thank you very much, dimikjones!

Hey, I really like your Theme! It’s awesome!

I have a simular question, could you maybe make me a simular fp-contact.php file

I want only 1 phone number however another bar for a faxnumber.

Address, phonenumber, faxnumber, email.

If you could help me with this, that would be amazing!


Hi NDC, sure, here it is.


Thanks a million! It looks great!