Contact Form Builder no long displaying

Like I said - I’m using the correct shortcode [Contact_Form_Builder id=“7”] but the contact form is NO LONGER displaying. See the CONTACT ME block at the bottom of my site. Worked fine previously.

Is the shortcode added on your site at the moment?

I had contacted the plugin dev and they took a whack at it. But while the shortcode now works, it causes the form to appear top left in the block, despite the fact I place the shortcode below the existing copy, centered.

I took it out but I’ve put the shortcode back in place so you can see the problem.

Back when the form was working properly, there was no issue with it appearing in the wrong position…it simply appeared right where I placed the shortcode.

Looking at your code it seems that the form is outside the actual black studio widget. Are you sure you’ve added it correctly?

The form devs added this to my CSS:

.wdform_page {
text-align: center;

This still left the form in the wrong place (above the CONTACT ME copy) but centered it, but it also made the CONTACT ME widget inaccessible through the Visual Editor. Very odd. So I’ve removed it, so I’m back to square one.

If you can recommend another form builder you know doesn’t have compatibility issues, I’d appreciate it.

Contact form 7 should work without issues.