Contact for Refund

I am requesting a refund, it is within your 30-day window. I have been working on 2 sites for the past 2 weeks I really like your Theme but I have had nothing but troubles versus the other Theme. I don’t know if it is Bluehost or if it is Elementor but stuff just doesn’t work. I’ll create a page and go back and it is gone, I don’t know how many times that I have deleted the hello dolly plugin. I’ll add a plugin and it’s not there but shows up later. None of this is happening with the other site, and it is on the same host, the same server using the same plugins. So while I like your Theme I just can’t deal with what is going on and without a reason why it works on one site and not the other I have to request a refund. Purchase information #2248471 December 11, 2020.


Is there any chance for me to help resolving your isssue?

Can you tell me the exact issue you’re experiecing? It would be better if you share a link to page you need help with.

aThemes Support

The site itself seems to run just fine, it’s the admin area that is weird. I doubt that it is even your Theme causing issues. At this point, I am guessing that it is an Elementor issue with a plugin. My issues are all with the WP admin section and it is very frustrating. I select to deactivate a plugin and then delete it and it never goes away, never. I add a page, work on it, publish it or save it to a draft and go back, and it’s not there in the pages section but then sometimes I’ll go back in and it will reappear. I’m on Bluehost and really would like to get the staging feature to work but it is flaky as hell, sometimes I will log in and it will show that I don’t have a staging site so I will click on the make one now button and it tells me that I have one. Now I am new at this but some of the things that I have tried include temporarily changing the Theme, I have tried deactivating all plugins but again I can’t even delete them on permanent bases so that doesn’t work. Since I am just starting out I have even tried just deleting the site and starting over. I didn’t think it right to ask for your help with issues that are not likely your Themes problem so my last course of action was to install another Theme and page builder combo on another domain. So far I do not have any of those issues in the WP admin area but I have not had the time to install the same plugins, I have only got a couple installed. The problem that I then run into is the 30-day return of your Pro add-on, I didn’t want to wait till the very end of the return window and still be having these issues when I might not have issues with the other site builder. But on the other hand, I really like your Theme and if you could explain to me or lead me in the right direction to fix some of these weird issues I would cancel the refund request. But just now I logged in to my WP admin section and there was Hello Dolly, now I have deleted that damn thing a bunch and it never goes away. I look into my cPanel plugins folder and its not there so why is it still in the admin panel?

I give this theme a second shot. I ask for support, you reply that you need more information, days later still no help. I ask for my money back on Jan 2, I am still waiting for a refund! I requested a refund well within the 30 days of purchase if it is not credited back to my card by the end of the week I will be contacting the card company.