Connect Blog Page with Social Media

Please confirm how to link my blog page with social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram). This integration should allow anything posted in social media should automatic share the same in my Blog Page. Also, anything posted in my Blog Page should automatically share in all the social media.


I can’t understand your questions clearly. Did you mean that you want to add share buttons for each blog post? If yes, you can try to install and configure the share buttons plugin to your site first.


I am not sure the purpose of adding share buttons.

As mentioned earlier, if I post anything in my Blog Page, it should automatically share the post in social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) and vice versa.

As default, the Wordpress nor this theme doesn’t have that feature.
So you need to use a plugin to help you with that.

Thanks. The default blog page of Sydney Theme is very basic and not attractive. I would appreciate, if you could provide a good template for Blog page or provide some guide line to include Categories, change background colours, integrate with social media etc

You can just install a plugin for social media, for example, Sassy Social Share, and when you post, some articles can post it everywhere in your social profiles. Then to promote them, I recommend use likigram, really efficient to get more readers to your site.

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