Confused about main page

I have a nice looking theme in Ignis an can add pages at will and edit. What im struggling with is the “main page” and only being able to customize within limited parameters. Can I not add images, html, text, etc as I see fit? What am I missing on the main page and being able to edit

Hello there,

If your main page looks exactly like our home page demo, it actually uses Portfolio page template, which doesn’t take any content in the page editor of the respective page. Because it is altered with list of portfolio items generated with special code. In order to add your own extra content in it, you should edit the code directly which is written in the page-templates/template_portfolio.php template file. Edit it separately a child theme to override this file instead of editing it directly in the main theme because all files will be overwritten during update process.


Hi Kharis -

Appreciate the help. So I am in the code for page-templates/template_portfolio.php and not sure what the next step is. How do I create a child theme for the main page? Are you suggesting that I just edit this in html to add content? Not quite connecting up the next steps. Will continue to work with it but definitely could use additional direction if you have the time to comment further.

Should I be following: Creating a Child Theme from a Modified Existing Theme instructions? Because the main page does not appear on my list of pages and so cannot add a child theme / page if i understand correctly…



In order to avoid miss-understanding at this phase of talk, try creating a new blank page and title it with “Front Page” or anything else. Then go to Settings > Reading; on the “Your homepage displays” option, choose “A static page (select below)”; and select your newly created page for Homepage. Then visit your home page in a new tab to see the result.

Afterwards, play around with the page content and page template. Go back to editing panel of your newly created page, put some content in the content box, and do an experiment with page template in the Page Attributes box.


Which page template that you’d like to permanently use? Please elaborate the final result you’d like to accomplish.