Conflict With Plugin

Hi. (Just for your information before I begin, I’m not really a coder or anything I’ve just been learning from scratch through an online tutorial through which I’ve downloaded and used Sydney as my main theme [which I love]. So please forgive me if what I’m about to ask isn’t in your remit.)

I’ve recently bought a plugin through codecanyon called EventOn (calendar, events, etc) and it’s working fine, however I also bought an add-on for it called DailyView, which looked great on their site but on mine was squashed, messy, and to be honest unusable because of that. After some communication with them I changed my theme to one of the basic WordPress ones and realised their add-on works fine there, but not with Sydney.

I asked them if they could do anything about that and they said “Unfortunately, we do not provide support for these issues caused by third-party theme. I will suggest you to contact the theme developer and ask them for their assistance.”

So, my question is: is this something you guys actually deal with? Or am I just being directed to you by them for no reason and it’s actually their problem? I would like to know so I can either resolve my issue or get my money back rather than ping pong between 2 developers.

I appreciate your patience reading this and any help you can provide.

Yours faithfully



We As Theme Support also can’t do nothing about third-party plugin conflicts, it’s not issue or Ours, but just this theme uses different styles for the theme to work fine and the plugin may conflict with these styles, but what these styles do in theme is essential, so you may need to do some custom styling which applies only for the elements of the plugin, so since that’s a custom styling thing, you may need to hire a developer / web designer who can do that for you.

Best Regards,