Conflict with 'Page scroll to id' plugin

I want to create a onepage website with Sydney. I know how to make the sections and link them in the menu.
I would like the menu items to automatically highlight when the corresponding section comes into view. I don’t think Sydney can handle this out of the box so i found this nice plugin ‘Page scroll to id’.
However the offset function in this plugin does not work in Sydney, probably because there is a theme script which handles links. Like the ‘click to scroll’ button in the header slider.
Is there anything i can do to make the offset working? Link to the site:

Hi @knireis

I just checking your site, seems like the plugin are creating an element to the content as the target when the link is clicked.

I suggest you to change the link target (on plugin setting) to the section by following this thread

You have to inspect the element ID of the section and add it as selector on the plugin settings

Got it, thanks, it works and even the highlighting continues to work. Only thing is that the element id’s probably change when i change the row sequence.

I do not use a logo or subtitle, so the height of the sticky menu is less than on your demo site. And the section does not quite move up enough when selecting the menu link. Can i change this offset?


I see…
The following css code should fixed those issue:

.site-header.float-header {
    padding-bottom: 12px;

You can use simple custom css plugin to put the code in above

And yes, the element ID of the section is automatically generated by the page builder plugin, so you have to update the “link selector” manually each you modify the sections of the page.

thanks, you can mark it resolved

Hi Knireis or Awan,

I also try to arrange that the menu items automatically highlight when the corresponding section comes into view.
From your description (and the website that is being referenced) I conclude that this is possible with plugin ‘Page scroll to id’, but I can’t seem to figure out how it works…

Scrolling to the section works, but this also worked without the plugin. But highlighting the menu-item doesn’t.

  • What would be the exact text to put in the plugin settings ‘selector’ field?
  • any other things I need to do to make this work with sydney theme?

My website is: www.praktijkvive,nl

You need to set some custom css, this i sspecified in the documentation of the plugin.

In my case i added:

#mainnav ul li a.mPS2id-highlight-first {
color: blue;

hi knireis
thank you for the answer,
but it doesn’t seem to work
I must be doing something wrong…