Conflict with Ajax Event Calendar?



First of all, thank you for the superb theme. I’ve installed the theme for a micro site and created an event page for ajax event calendar plugin and intent to show calendar event for members. The calendar did not come out right, can it be the conflict of the theme and the plugin? If yes, how can solve it?

The link to the site is

Please help! TIA!



Hi Chooi, it’s plugin related and it won’t work with WP 4.1.1. You must ask for support on their forum or or use some of newer plugins


Hi Dimikjones,

Thank you for the reply. I’ve now deleted the ajax calendar, installed the “The Events Calendar” and it seems to display correctly but another problem occur, the page header image with pallarax effect is missing, also if mouse over on the event it did not show the event info but the code instead.

Please help!



Hey Chooi,

This plugin also generates some issues. Try disabling Autoptimize a bit.


Hi Vlad,

Just disabled the autoptimize, clear the cache and reload. The result still the same. Pallarax header image still not showing.

Thanks for helping!



Well, at least the plugin is displaying the event properly now when you hover.
Can you send an admin account to vlad[at] so I can have a quick look?


I looked and I’m not sure exactly what that plugin does there to the page. But you can set a global header image and that one will be displayed on that page. And the rest of your pages will just have individual header image as you’ve set them now.


Hi Vlad,

You manage to login to the site which I’ve created an admin account for you?



Yeah, I replied above.


Hi Vlad,

I’ve found another great event plugin (with a lot of great features), so I uninstall the “The Events Calendar” (Since the header image issue cannot be resolve) and installed the new plugin “Event Manager”. The result still the same as the “ajax event calender” plugin, it just refuse to display the calendar right.

Really pulling my hair now, as I need to get this up a.s.a.p.

Please suggest what should I do. TIA.




There’s a bit of code there that messes the table. Don’t know where it comes from though, it’s not from the theme.

Use this in a custom CSS plugin and make sure you clear up autoptimize until you can see the changes:

.entry-content td {
     border: 1px solid #ddd !important;
     width: auto !important;


Hi Vlad,

Ok! I’ve disabled the autoptimize for the site, cleared the cache and edited the CSS as you suggested in the post, and it still not look right.

Thanks for helping! at the mean time, I will try to find out where is the code snippet which causing trouble comes from.



Well, the table is now formatted properly as far as I can see after you added the code.


It looks ok if the calendar with no event, but when it has event(s) the column did not look right.


Hi Vlad,

It works now. Thank you!