Config & Admin Theme Graphics & Slider

I have recently purchased and installed the Rock Pro Theme (love it):

Although, I have having fun becoming intimate with the Theme, there is an installation/setup issue for which I now seek support, while I do believe I have identified the image sizes

Slider : image size ( 1170px x 500px )
Home 2nd slider : image size ( 1347px x 498 px )
website partner / admin image home :image size ( 332px x 311px )

Here are the immediate installation/setup issues for which I seek guidance:

  1. Image administration (including Slider)
    a) Which image size relates to which image (i.e.

a) Above The Fold - currently THE CITY
b) Middle - Slider
c) Below the Fold - TONGUE STICKING OUT

ii) Bottom (under the "BELOW THE FOLD IMAGES)
a) The Chris Donovan and other staff images

NOTES: iia ) and iib) look to be the same size (please confirm)

At a glance, it appears that some Dashboard Admin functionality is missing (i.e Slider), nevertheless, it is probs more a matter of my being unfamiliar with how to Admin these imaging (as well as other) aspects of the Theme.

Again, please be sure to provide: the files sizes for each section as well as brief instructions as to how to administer/change the image(s) {Brief instruction on where to go (via the Dashboard) in order to edit/change the image(s)}


First of all, I’m really sorry about the delay, weekend and stuff.

Let’s take this one step at a time because I might not understand completely what you’re asking.

  1. Slider: when you activated the theme you’ve received a prompt asking you to install the Crelly Slider plugin. Once you do that you can create a slider and set it to appear in your header from Customize > Header Area.
    You can use any image sizes you want, though you should have a width of at least 1366px.

  2. Row background images (help here) - again, doesn’t matter what image size you use. Whatever looks best to you, just keep in mind not to exaggerate with the size or it will impact your load time.

  3. Employees image - whatever size you upload it will be resized to a width of 400px. Best results are if you add square images. Images are set as Featured Images when you edit your employees from you admin area.

  4. Latest news - same as above.