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How can I translate the welcome area text and call to action button text on polylang?

The same front page is in english and Portuguese. But in Portuguese, the moesia FP projects, services and employees don`t appear even with the same content.

the site is

I see that the widgets are appearing properly in Portuguese when I change the language?

You should probably try using an individual header image for your pt page.

Yes. The widgets wasnt appearing because I had to create portuguese versions of employees, projects and services. But the main message and the button text at the welcome area I cant translate.

Inside polylang settings, I can translate each variable used on the widgets. Can you support such thing?

I don’t understand what you mean. All strings are translatable if that’s what you mean. If not, be a bit more descriptive please.

I want to translate the “Welcome message (not the site description)”, the “The text for the call to action button” and the “The link for the call to action button”.

If you access the Portuguese version ( and the English ( they are the same.

When I go to the dashboard and access the Strings Translation in
these strings aren`t on there.

They don’t appear because those are added dynamically.
Have a look at my previous answer. I said you should use the Individual page header option so you can set different text for your PT page. So you don’t need Polylang fo those strings, you can handle it from the theme.

Ok! Thanks! But, I want to display the same logo instead of a Welcome Title.

I made a note and I’ll add this option in the next version.

Thanks! Moesia Pro is the best theme I ever used! And your support is also the best! aThemes rocks!

Do you know when this new version will be avaliable?

In about one hour I think. I already added that logo option.

Great! I’m anxious waiting here!

The new version is available and you should see it in your dashboard. Make sure you import the latest settings file in order to get the logo option.

Hi Vlad
I think i’m on the same issue here, but I dont understand how to fix it reading this thread.
Could you please still help me? (I realise this is an old post.)
This is my beta website:
The “welcome message” is recognised in the string translation but it is displayed always in the default language.