Compatibility of Sydney Pro with Visual Composer for WP plugin?

Hi, I need to have video backgrounds on my pages which unfortunately Sydney Pro doesn’t offer at present.

Therefore, I was thinking to use the Visual Composer for WordPress plugin in order to achieve this. Are there any known compatibility issues?



We didn’t test it with Sydney Pro so can’t say for sure. You could also try Live Composer, it’s free and it also offers background videos. Haven’t tested that one either with Sydney as it was non-GPL when Sydney was released.

Hi Vlad, thanks for the tip.

I’ve installed Live Composer although I am not sure of what it does to my front page. It seems that it’s ready to “delete / overwrite” everything I did when I activate Live Composer Editor while on the front page.

Can I work “on top” of the customization I already did to Sydney Pro without losing my work?

Desperately looking for a video background solution for Sydney Pro… have spent immense amount of time trying different things around.

Many thanks.

P.s. On 16.10.15 you informed about a Header Video function coming up. Any updates on this please? Would you please add native support for video backgrounds to Sydney Pro?


Well, you can create a new page and work with Live Composer on it. Then if you’re happy set that as your front page. Or if you want I can switch you to West Pro instead which works with LC out of the box.

I did promise the video header but haven’t done it. Didn’t add it to my to-do list but I’ve added it now.

So I finally remembered why I haven’t a video header option - it’s because soon they’ll add this option in Crelly, which Sydney Pro supports and recommends. Thus, it won’t make much sense to overload the theme. Having it in Crelly would be cooler and would allow more things.

Hi Vlad, many thanks for your input, truth is I’m quite confused over here.

I will try your Live Composer recommendation on Sydney Pro (on a new page) and see how it goes. If not happy I’ll get back to you via this post to see if a switch to West Pro (which as you wrote “works with LC out of the box”) would be what I need.

Regarding your latest post, Crelly solution sounds good, however, it’s not there now, I do not know when it will be (last updated 7 months ago) and I’m trying to launch my site with Video Backgrounds ASAP.

What I also don’t know is in which respect a Video Background option plus a Video Header Option for Sydney Pro will overload the theme (?).

I’ve been using a free plugin for Background Videos with Sydney Pro, called “mb.YTPlayer for background videos” but it doesn’t offer an Image Fallback for iOS / Mobile devices etc. and it doesn’t provide timely support. And, as I’m no dev but rather a WP enthusiast, learning WP on the way by trial and error, this doesn’t help me really and delays me from launching my site.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Well, I had a better look at Live Composer with Sydney Pro and it has limitations (i.e. does not allow me to add Video Background Full Width without coding) so I think the best is to go with West Pro at present.

Could you please switch me from Sydney Pro to West Pro? And, do I automatically get a new License Key in my account?

Plse advise asap. Many thanks.


Just to make sure we’re on the same page here - I never said anything about a background video (something similar to what that mb.YTPlayer plugin does). That’s not something we will be implementing in the theme.

You’re right about Crelly - I can’t say for sure when it will happen but I know it will. That might be too late for you though.

Do you have Revolution Slider at the moment?

Yes, I do have Revolution Slider but am not using it.

I consider the best thing to do now is that switch to West Pro and go with Live Composer.

Okay, email me please at vlad[at] with an admin account info and let’s handle the video header thing.

That’s great Vlad, however, I think it makes more sense to do this with West Pro and the Live Composer plugin considering a. that West Pro is fully compatible with Live Composer, and b. your offer to switch the theme I purchased. Or am I missing something in this equation?

What I’m trying to achieve is a Full Page Video Background which will have a Fall Back Image (in case i.e. iOS doesn’t allow video to roll). I will be hosting two types of video:

  1. .mp4, which takes longer to load but looks good on most browsers
  2. .webm, which takes less time to load but looks dodgy, it does appear on other browsers though (i.e. IE)

Plse let me know, in the meantime I’ve sent you a mail.


P.s. Another nice feature, which helps avoid loading times, is having the ability to also use Youtube and Vimeo links functionality for Video Backgrounds. But this is a plugin discussion (Live Composer doesn’t have this option).

Yeah, that’s what I meant: West Pro + LC + Revolution to handle the video header. I’ve already added West Pro to your account.

But, again, I’m not referring to background videos (as in full page). That’s not a theme feature and it will not be as I mentioned before. If this is something that you absolutely require, perhaps it’s best that we refund you so you can purchase a theme that more inclined to videos. How does that sound?

Oops, now I get it Vlad. (frustration) I need full page video backgrounds for my site’s front page. It makes more sense for my case because the aspect ratio of a row video is not adequate.

It’s a shame that almost a month after I understood that Sydney Pro & West Pro is not the way to go. I would be grateful if I could have a refund accompanied by a short consultation on that matter or perhaps a tip from your end re: which theme would do such a thing / which is the best way to go. Kind of feeling like I have to handle the whole thing from the beginning right now…

Many thanks.

Well, you bought it in August, we could have clarified this sooner.
I’ll ask my colleague to process your refund - the speed will be determined by your payment method.

What I think you should do is get a better (paid) plugin for background videos. Perhaps this one. Then you should probably focus on a theme that’s more video oriented. I can’t recommend any I’m afraid.

Well, thanks Vlad. I should have clarified this earlier, my bad. Also thanks for the tip on the plugin, I’m going to have to look around for a theme.

It’ll be nice if your colleague refunds this one asap.

Any idea what this site is using (theme / plugin) to achieve this slider with video effect?

Thanks again.

He processed your refund, said it takes 5-10 days. Obviously, this doesn’t depend on us.
The header is handled with Revolution and the theme is Brooklyn. Rev is probably integrated in the header since they don’t have to worry about rules.

Hi there. I am a newvbie at wordpress. 2 things:

  1. I just updated to Sydney pro. I don’t see much difference from the free to the pro version. How do I know That I am using the pro version?
  2. How do I remove the page name from a galley?
    I made a gallery with pictures and text. when I view it the page names shows up in the upper left side, how do I remove the page name ?