Comments on contact us page

Just noticed comments from my contact us page stopped coming through?


Thank you for contacting us. I am happy to help with your queries.

Have you checked your spam folder in your email?

Cany you share a link to your contact us page, so I can try the form?

aThemes Support

I have not heard back on this. I replied to your email on July 14:

Thanks for your reply.

I checked spam folder and did not see anything.

I tried sending some test comments through contact page and did not receive any email, nor did not see any comments in dashboard.

Here is link to contact page:

Also attached is screenshot of dashboard

Thank You


Hi DaveG,

Sorry, I didn’t receive your email. Can I request resending it to

I attempted to send a comment to your contact page and it should appear on your site’s Dashboard > Comments under the pending tab.

If it doesn’t appearing there, perhaps you’re getting scripts conflict with one of your active plugins. To confirm this, try:

  • Enable troubleshooting mode with the help of this plugin
  • Disable all active plugins at once
  • Visit your contact page
  • Test the comment form

Next, if you get the comment is sent properly, to narrow down the source of the problem, try re-enabling the plugins one by one and run your test on the comment form on contact page in each.

aThemes Support