Comments not working


Currently I’m trying to build my own website and I really want to use facebook comments (via plugin), but unfort. the comments/box to answer don’t appear in this theme. (not on homepage and not on posts itself, I want both if possible) Is there anything i can do about it? Because i really like the theme itself!



I don’t know what plugin you’re using but the theme uses the WordPress standard function to output comments. So if your plugin integrates with that function it should work. Are you sure comments aren’t disabled on your site?
Also, comments on the homepage isn’t an option.

When I change the theme to, for example, 2015, the facebook comments (plugin) is visible, so it has something to do with the theme I guess.

Too bad about the homepage!

Well another question because I already changed the single.php and now the comments work.

I want to show only the picture as , so that you can’t scroll down. ‘click to begin’ is a link to an internal post so in that way it is just a fancy homepage with 1 look.
Is that possible? I only can find out that you have to set 'last posts or a sticky page as a homepage, but can’t choose none of them!

Thanks in advance.

What change did you make? I assume you removed the check for the comments number?

If you have pages created then you should be able to choose one for your posts and one for your homepage. The one for the homepage needs to have the front page template assigned to it.

Yeah i know I can choose one of them (posts or page) for the homepage. But what i’m trying to ask is I want to choose none of them and just get rid of the white are in the homepage. So the only thing i want on the homepage is the picture you can see here: Hopefully made myself clear.


Well, you can hide the whole homepage content area by adding this in a custom CSS plugin:

.home #content {
  display: none;

If you also want to hide the footer widgets and the credits you can add this too:

.home .footer-widgets,
.home .site-footer {
    display: none;

Thanks for the quick answer first of all! As you can see on unfortunately there is still a large white area visible. Just put those two codes in the CSS.php

No, there isn’t any white area on your home page. It’s just the image :slight_smile: Refresh your page.

Yeah see it now! Thanks again haha :slight_smile: