Comments not functioning

I have two problems:

  1. The comment function is not displaying with my posts. I’ve gone through the Settings->Discussion page, and cannot see any setting that would interfere with the ability for visitors to leave comments. And I can’t find any function within individual posts to enable or disable commenting.

  2. Previous comments on old posts from my previous theme do not display. This may be a problem with the transition process. However, it may also be a second symptom of the issue in #1 above.

My site is:

Thank you

Hello there,

Not sure if it’s Astrid theme specific issue. Do you use a special comment plugin? Please check in your plugins administration panel, and try disabling it (if any) temporarily. To rule out if it’s really theme specific issue, try switching to the default WordPress theme.


I’ve sorted out a few things and reloaded the pages. The comment function seems to be working now. You can mark this issue resolved.

For what it’s worth - the next revision of this theme should include the option to display the entire post on the blog main page instead of limiting it to an excerpt. And setting the excerpt length is not an acceptable option, as it loses all the formatting. This is one of the main reasons I’m moving away from using this theme.

Thank you.