Comments not displaying correctly in blog posts

We are running WordPress 4.7.3 and Sydney Pro theme 1.5.

We have a Blog page and currently it has 2 blog posts showing (Post A and Post B.) The one post has 12 comments and the other post has 16 comments. If we create a new blog post “C”, then only the comments from blog post “B” show, regardless of which post I am in.

In other words I can be in blog post “A” and the comment section says “12 comments for blog post B”. If I put the new blog post C back into draft mode, then the comments work correctly on Posts A & B.

The problem also gets fixed by switching from the Sydney Pro theme to the Twenty Seventeen theme but not Twenty Eleven.

Hello there,

I am not sure if it’s theme-related issue. What will happen if you temporarily deactivate all other plugins except Page Builder and Sydney Toolbox?


Hi Kharis,

You were right, it appears it is the BadgeOS plugin that is causing the trouble. I will contact them. Thank you!


Hello Support,

I, too, am having challenges with having comments appear about the bottom of a blog post!?

The post are checked to allow comments

I deactivated all plugins except for Page Builder and Sydney Toolbox, and still no ability to add comments.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Bo

Hello Bo,

Do you have a child theme enabled? There might be a child theme’s template overrides the default comment.

Please share a link to one of your post here to allow me checking if there’s CSS code hides it.