Comments link works incorrectly

When reading a full post, if it has a tag that contains word “span” (e.g. spanish, james spann), then clicking on link “x comments” doesn’t actually jump to the comments section, instead it jumps somewhere in the middle of the post.
How can this be fixed?

Can you please give us your website link for check problem live?


Another thing I forgot to mention is the markup gets messed up (which is the core issue) and navigation gets pushed to the top right of the post.
Here are two examples:

Hi Akira,

You can fix the permalink url and it should be fine.
Like example on this post:


I don’t think permalink has anything to do with the original issue. I just went and added “spanish” tag to that post you gave the link to and it is now messed up as well.

So, as I mentioned before, the issue only occurs when I add a tag that contains the word “span” in it.

Hi AkiraIris,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

For the first issue: comment hyperlink.
This is caused by Bootstrap. Please apply below css using Custom Css plugin or on your Child theme

[class*="span"] {
    float: none;

For the second issue: navigation messed up.
This is caused by lack of content. You can fix it by adding below css
.post-navigation {clear: left;}

Hope it goes well on your end!


Thanks, that worked!

Glad to help! :slight_smile: