Comment Form does not work


I wanted to use comment form with the composer , but not saved


Please let Us know where you tried to use the comment form and also, please post a link to your website, so we can check.

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Sorry for that.

I created a page, name “Contacto”, the link is

If you enter now, you will not see it, because a put text and a mailto


So you mean Contact Form ( not comment form ) right? Have you used Contact Form 7 Shortcode in Visual Editor and that didn’t worked? If yes, then please add it to your page, so we can check what can cause the issue.

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I used de module “Comment form”, and this does not work. My English is not good, sorry for that.

Hi Sebastian,

The ‘Comment Form’ in Live Composer is to allow visitors to leave comments, not contact you.

We recommend you install Contact Form 7 and then add a shortcode to display your contact form on the page (your contact page should have the Default template).


Perfect! Thank you

No problem, anything else, post a new thread. Thanks.