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HI, is there a way we can add “Coming Soon” to our home page and add another page like Shop page with the coming soon products?

Input will be appreciated.



You want to have a coming soon page or what kind of coming soon on homepage? What you mean by coming soon products? You can just publish products with Coming Soon title and maybe a coming soon image.

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Hi Judy,

I am using a plugin (Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd) which is excellent, means I can put up a holding or (coming soon) page while working on and being able to view my progress on the site. It is very straightforward to use.
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Basically, I want to duplicate " Latest Products" (Page Sections Content) and call this ‘section’ Coming Soon. Then these product must be listed on a page just like the SHOP page (in other words a duplicate of shop page). On navigation bar will name it ‘Coming soon’

So …

  1. how to duplicate the “shop page” when creating a New page for adding another product category page such as "coming soon products I don’t see any short codes on the shop default page…

  2. how to duplicate “Latest Products” section to create another section like this on home page. (these products must then show up on another shop page (which i will rename as in coming soon)

Hope I explained a bit better.

Hi Judy,

Here are the shortcodes for Woocommerce:

So, if you wish to duplicate a home page showing products but not prices you could do the following:

Here is a plugin designed for what you require:

I have not tried this plugin myself and good luck, hope this can help.

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Thanks, but I dont want to go buying any plugins yet till site is working and making money … I think I know what I could do on homepage to show duplicate ‘Featured product section’ will try tomorow

It still leaves me wanting to duplicate the Shop page for a new category and how to load products separately to that page. At the moment if we “Add Products” it loads the current default shop page.

Csaba, I want to show another Home Page Section to the Home page and call this “coming soon” The only one I am using is The Latest Products sections content header.

How do I add this ‘Page section title’ to home page and have it scroll like The Latest Products section? I would like at least 7 “coming soon” products to rotate. I would also need to have only the specific coming soon products show here, and the current products to continue to show on The latest products slide.

Hence, I am looking at having 2 slider sections on the home page

  1. (current) Latest Products
  2. (new called) Coming Soon