Columns are missing


Hi there,

I’ve been using the Alizee theme for about 1,5 weeks now and it worked well all the time, but I set it on three columns when I first installed it and it’s only showing one column since yesterday evening. What can I do to resolve this?

My website is





You probably did something yesterday evening, like installed a plugin or something?


The only things I did to the lay out were adding a widget (html one) and adding a favicon image…


Could you disable your Instagram Feed plugin? Also, are you using any script deferring plugins?


But the Instagram widget was already installed before I installed this theme, so I think it has nothing to do with it. And I have no idea what a script deferring plugin is…


The Instagram widget is throwing a console error and it might affect the masonry script. Could you please do it and let me know?


But it was working well with the Instagram widget installed as I said… I have de activated it and it doesn’t change…


Yeah, but they might have had an update or something.

Anyway, the problem is not theme related because the script can’t break by itself. Something is stopping it from initiating. You would need check by disabling your plugins one by one to identify the issue, also make sure you’re using WordPress 4.0.


I just checked and three columns are appearing for me. Site looks great by the way.


Yeah, I changed the widget I installed yesterday and it helped. Thanks, also because of you great lay-out! :slight_smile: