Colours on Front Page not responding


I installed Moesia Theme and everything worked fine till today. I was trying to make my website faster. I deactivated some plugins to check if thy were slowing down my website and then I activated them again but something weird happened… All the colours that I chose for my front page are gone and now the colours look exactly like in the demo.
I went to Customize/Front Page Colors and the options match perfectly what I want but they look completely different on my website. Same story for the logo on the Header image whose size doesn’t match with what I chose and for the background image of every single page of my website.

I guess it’s my fault and I spent hours trying to fix the problem but I guess I need the support of someone more expert than me. I would really appreciate some help. Thank you!
This is my website:

Hello there,

Try to flush all cache through the W3 Total Cache plugin setting once you’re done making some changes in the customizer panel.


Problem solved. Thank you!