Colour of menu text


I’m using the sticky menu option and the colour of the text changes from white to black when scrolling. Is it possible to make the text remain black at all times?

There may be a really simple solution I’ve missed.

Thanks for your help!



There is no option for this in the theme, but you can add this in a custom CSS plugin:

.main-navigation a {
      color: #000;

Thanks, all sorted.


Hi there - I have a similar issue, but would prefer to make the background bar that appears black instead of white, and keep the text white while in sticky mode.

You can see my test site at the following link to see the problem with logos when in sticky mode…

Unless I missed a setting somewhere?!

Otherwise any magic code fix for this would be greatly appreciated!

Consider the following a pre-purchase question…

I am further wondering, in the Pro version of West, if alternate logos are able to be applied to the sticky menu - so that you could have a white PNG of a logo that swaps over to black (like the text does) when in sticky mode.

I have other themes that allow for this, and thought it might be part of your Pro version of West.

Everything seems about perfect when using West with Live Composer, in addition to a few other helpful plugins that I seem to be getting away with using as well.

My only issues seem to revolve around flexibility of the sticky menu. So my hopes are that the Pro sticky menu can be changed easily as required.

Nevermind - I figured out the menu thing.

Still curious if the pro version has the features I mentioned earlier though…