Hi, I want to change the color for the top menu and side widgets. I’ve tried using “primary color” selection which changes the color perfectly but ALSO changes the background color of my site title/description.

I want to keep the site title background color white. Is there any way to differentiate the two or override the code?


I am using my own logo in place of the text site/title so when I change the primary color it makes my logo/title look cut & paste instead of a seamless look.

If anyone can help that’d be great! Thanks!

I’m having the same problem! I would love if this could get explained / fixed as I otherwise really enjoy the theme.

I would even be fine with having the background color of the site header/logo white and just leave the rest the same if there’s an easy edit I can do in the code.

Here’s my site:


You can both use this in a custom CSS plugin:

.site-header {
    background-color: #ffffff !important;

@Meenkus - your background color for the header must be white because your image has a white background. That is not something that can be changed from the theme.


I recognize that my image isn’t transparent :slight_smile: Was just trying to avoid doing that and keeping just the top white - which is exactly what your CSS plugin did - so thanks!! Looks great.


Thanks Vlad, worked perfectly!