Colors and Punctuation


I used the Call To Action widget to do a small “About” portion, but every time I use the apostrophe (’) it shows up as ’

Am I using the wrong widget or font or something?

The dual lines below Recent Posts, What I Do, About and Clients is not changing to the green color (color code #57cc8d) I set it to in the Customize>Front Page Colors and >Colors

Appreciate your help!


Yeah, we took too much of a ferm approach regarding escaping stuff. Simply, go to /widgets/fp-call-to-action.
Find this line:

<?php echo esc_textarea($action_text); ?>

Replace it with this:

<?php echo $action_text; ?>

My bad about the colors, I think I messed it up in the last update. Go to your stylesheet.
Find this: section .widget-title:after

Replace it with this:

section .widget-title:after

Will fix this in the next update.


Perfect again, thanks!


Just letting you know these issues were present again in the latest update. I had to use the code you gave me again to correct.


Thanks for letting me know, I missed this one. I’ve added it now to the list.