Color inside of the button

Hi. I have a problem changing a color of the button when I put mouse on it.
I’ve made a lot of changes on my site, to make it look different than the Quill demo, but now I just can’t find or do not understand what I should change to change that color. Would you be so kind to help me with a little ccs code, so that I could change it. It is easier for me to make changes in style.css
Thank you in advance!

Can you post a link to your website and let me know what button you mean?
For example in Services area - read more button. It is black while inactive, but when you put mouse on it, it turns dark grey. I need to change that dark grey color.
Plus another problem that I have is the 2nd grid line in the bottom of the page. I cant get rid of it. It is <div class=“panel-grid-cell” id=“pgc-701-5-0”></div>, but I don’t know where to find it. Even if I create Front page from the scratch in editor it is still there.

Btw, I don’t know where to put it, but while importing settings from your file, through plug in, there were problems.
Failed to import product_type external
Failed to import product_type grouped
Failed to import product_type simple
Failed to import product_type variable

Yes the problem is in “Read more” buttons, I just can’t find the right css for them :frowning:
UPD: I’ve solved the problem with the line.

Solved by myself.