Color customizer not providing options

When I try to change colors to fonts, etc. I go to the Customizer > Color and see all the types of items that I can adjust the color on.
However when I click on any item, nothing happens. I do get a small drop down box with “Select Color” and a color choice box but that doesn’t do anything when used.
I am able to change colors on the backgrounds on widgets, etc. but not as above.

Any suggestions?

Dear Rick,

Thank you for reporting.

  • Does this issue always happen or just a sudden?
  • Does this issue happen on all browsers?
  • What will happen if you temporarily disable all non required plugins? Clear your browser cache once you have disabled them.


Hi Kharis:
This is not a new issue. This has never worked. The pointer changes to the hand indicating a link but nothing happens when you click on the menu item.

Same with Chrome 48.x and IE 11.x.

Plugins - Disabling plugins that were not required enabled all of the color choices from the menu and it tested fine. After re-activating all the other plugins that just deactivated, the color choices continue to work just fine.
Thank you for your suggestions and help!