Color changing

My site is

In the home page, please see the Testimonial widget below and this is how it appears

I have marked the black area behind the testimonial text and at the backside on the webpage the color is not actually black. It’s appearing as grey as marked. How can I make that 100% black ?
I checked all colors in appearance menu and it’s black but appearance is bit brey. Can you please
provide the script to change the color through the Custom CSS plugin ?

In this page
I want to change the color of the title text in the page “Testimonial Letter”.

I want to match the exact color of the title text “Clients” that I have put in the page

Can you please provide the code to change the color of only the title text “Testimonial Letter” ?

Hello @pixelboxstudio,

It looks like you are still experimenting with your testimonials widget, now it looks different from what is shown on the screenshot. Do you still need help with this?

Can you please create separate topics for your other issues in order to make it easier to help you?

Kind Regards, Roman.