Closing white space on top of footer

how do i remove/hide/close the white space on top of the footer.


This my problem too, it could be great if someone help us…

Hello there,
can you post the URL of your site? I need to check it directly


its still in development in my computer localhost, please if there is any way you can help me, do help me. thanks

Maybe You can send me the screenshot but I think it will not really help me to understanding the issue. Still, I need to check the site directly :slight_smile:

@osayomore I noticed that your issue is already resolved?

Feel free to let us know if you need more help

The one resolved is that of the header and title page.

but the one iam referring to is that of the white space on top of the footer

here is the screen shoot

i indicated the space with a blue arrow. please help out

Have you try the steps from the replied topic here:

You need to find the element ID and then set the padding to 0 or as you needed to reduce those blank space.