Clients widget

Hi again!

I’ve set up my site with Rocked Pro.
(I was using Moesia Pro before).

When I use the widgets for Clients (and for projects) on two different pages, the theme changes both widgets to look the same and show the same amount of logoes and projects.

So on the front page I want to display 5 logoes, but on my clients page I want to display like 20 logoes. But when I use the widget on more than one page, all the client widgets look the same??

It’s the same with projects?

Can you help me+
Have a great evening.
Best regards - Maria!


I’ve just tested with both item numbers and category slugs and everything seems to work as it should.
See the front page: versus the
Could be something plugin related, have you installed anything else since you switched from Moesia?

Thank you for the reply. I see your test is working, so i’ll try to find out if it is something plugin related. Thanks.

Hi Vlad

I’ve got the Clients widget to work, so it shows one clients list on one page and another client list on my front page.

But I can’t get it working with Projects. I’ve tried everything. I can’t find the problem in cashing, plugins or the pages or the projects. It simply does not work.

Everytime I edit the widget on one page, it automatically overwrites my command on the other page where the widget is placed. I want it to show only 4 projects on the front - but all on a separate projects page (not the category archive, but a separate page)

Do you have any ideas for a solution?
Best regards, Maria!


Send me an admin account to vlad[at] please, maybe I can figure it out.

And the pages in question also please.

Hi Vlad

I have given you adm. rights to my site.

The widget is placed on the front page:

And on my Projects page:

Notice that I have an identical site in my local language (link through top menu) the problem also appears on that site.

(Dont take any notice of my project-images not being the same size, I’m in the process of resizing them since changing theme :-))

Thanks - I really appreciate it!

I’ve just given you access to my Danish site also. The pages with the widget are:


I tested it approx. 22.20 on the .com site. It worked for 5 mins after emptying cashe, but now (22.32) it shows the same amount of projects on both pages (the number according to last edited widget. I hope it makes sense, what I’m trying to explain.


So it looks like something between W3TC and the page builder. I managed to somehow make it work on your .com site but can’t do the same on your .dk site. Could be a wrong setting somewhere but I can’t figure it out. Maybe you should use Supercache as I see disabling W3TC does the trick.

Thanks, I really appreciate you help. I will try to install the other cashe plugin.
I will let you know if it works.
Have a great day going forward!

Just a quick update as I promised. It works fine with the new cashe plugin. So thanks!