Clients Section

You know that there are many featured images in the client section but how to i add link them . for example when i click to the google image i just want to go google’s website .Thank you for help :slight_smile:

Dont you know guys :frowning:

Not possible at the moment. I mean you could change the code a bit in fp-clients.php, but there isn’t an option in the theme at the moment. We might add it in a future version.


I’ve the same problem. I built an Array with all my client-titles in the fp-clients.php and I found The code for the carousel:

<div class=“carousel clearfix slider”>
<?php while ( $r->have_posts() ) : $r->the_post(); ?>
<div class=“clearfix”>
<?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?>
<?php endwhile; ?>

But how do I know witch client is when in the while loop?

Thank you very much,

I’m not sure I understand. You say you want to show client titles, but this topic is about links.

Anyway, there’s no need to build an array if you want the titles, you just need to add <?php the_title(); ?> above or below the thumbnail

Thank you for your fast answer.
I don’t want to show the titles, I want to show some Text according to a special client with link or mouseover on the client. The title is the ID of the div wich will get visible while click or mouseover on a client.
Is there a possibility to get the title in the while loop without showing it?
I linked the clients, but I don’t know how to assign the right link to the correct client.
I hope I explained it better now, my english is too german, I think.

Thank you very much,

Yeah, I still don’t understand much, especially the first part.

But I understand that you want to get some custom info from each client, so create custom fields in Types > Custom Fields, then simply go to the widget and get the info (within the loop) like this:
<?php $icon = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'wpcf-service-icon', true ); ?>
You need to change wpcf-service-icon to wpcf-your-field.
After that you can use $icon for whatever you like.

Yes, that’s it. It is working.
Now appears a description of the client under the carousel on mouseover or touch, witch is set in a custom field. I did not need the title, I solved it with a counter in the loop, witch is part of the id of the div container witch gets visible on mouseover.
Have a Look (Yoga and Fat Burner are already set):

Thank you very very much,