Clients do not show or scroll on wide screen

I downloaded Moesia Pro and am really enjoying getting it set up.
I added clients and they dont show up or scroll. I just get an empty space.
The only way they suddenly appear is when I shrink my screeen (Control minus) to 80% or 75%.
Is there any way I can fix this?
Thanks a lot!

I just want to add that this happens only after I add the 5th client. (When it needs to start scrolling) Up to 4 it looks good


Can you please post a link to your website? Could you also let me know what resolution your screen is?


Thanks for your quick reply!
Well its actually happening on 2 computers
1366 X 768
1920 X 1080
The site url is and because its a mess we’ve shut it with the password "merkaz"
It really only the very very beginning - I am still just messing about with it so please ignore the mess…
The client widget is all the way down… When you shrink the screen they appear…

Yeah, it happens on my end too so it’s not related to the screen resolution. Since it works without issues on both Moesia and Moesia Pro, the issue could be related to your plugin setup or something else.

If you could make a temporary admin account for me and send it to vlad[at] I’ll investigate further. I’m guessing it’s alright if I change a few things, since your website is not up and running yet?

Also, please let me know if you made any code changes.

Well. I am continuing to work on the site and now the top slider also stops sliding after a while or if I change the size of the window

There seems to be something wrong with the sliding element
I removed all plugins - I had to do this on the main site as I am working on a multisite yet nothing seems to work

I am really grateful you offered to have a look

//Edit: Removed username and password

Its the first site in the list of multisites

Thanks in advance

Seems like the clients carousel is now working properly. You were missing an image for one of the entries but I’ve added it. Anyway, the carousel was working properly even before that, it just had an empty spot were the image should have been.

Also, I’m not sure what you mean about the top slider. It looks like it’s working fine on Chrome and Firefox, and I resized the window and also let it run for a few minutes and it doesn’t stop. Can you confirm that you’re stil seeing this issue and on what browser?

I just realized what happened
Its because my site was defined to work in Hebrew
As soon as I switched it to English it all just started working
Does this theme have an rtl option?
If I change it back to hebrew all the sliders stop working…

No, there is no support for rtl at the moment. But we’ll take that into consideration for the future.

Meanwhile, could you reactivate the admin account for me and switch back to Hebrew? I would like to try something for the carousel and I would also like to see how the top slider is acting.

//removed password
thanks again!

Yeah, I can’t really do much on my own because it’s a multisite, so you’re going to have to do it:

  • install a custom CSS plugin, like this one.
  • go to the plugin and add the following code:

.slick-list {
   direction: ltr !important;

This should fix both the slider and the carousel when your site is set to Hebrew.

You are amazing!!!