Client Page - Make Multiple Pages


I am populating my the Talon Client Widget with quite a few entries. I’m in the M’s right now but have many more to go.

Is there any way to have the content of the client widget appear on multiple pages? Even better, is there a way to show all the A’s on one page, all the B’s on a second, etc. And have Slugs up top that you can click on to get from page to page?




Hello Andy,

Probably you could use the “Talon: Clients” widget and insert it into the footer widgets area.



Not exactly the question I was asking. Let me try again. For the Talon:Cleint Widget, I will end up having approx. 95 entries.

Is there a way for there to be a break in pages/entries - so that not all 95 show up on one page?

Even better, is there a way to show a different letter on a different page (a page for A, a page for B, etc.) and with there being a way to click on A B C D, etc. that appear on the top of the page and takes you to that letter’s entries?

Hopefully that makes sense.



Hello Andy,

The solution for that purpose might be this plugin:

You can use Text widget to insert the post grid’s shortcode.

To hide the title and read more link, you’d need to add the below CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .post-grid .layer-content {
      display: none;



Thank you for sending me on the right track. Post Grid didn’t do exactly what I needed, but I landed on and am using WP Ultimate Post Grid Premium.