Client List Problem


Client list page of my site is
It’s fine now but earlier when the link was just, the page was appearing distorted as you see at
It only shows the distorted page reflecting the only the client logos that I have put on the homepage
But when the same pagelink gets renamed as it works fine as you see now.

  1. I am not getting all the icons at the center of the page. The setup can be seen at
    Center Alignment is activated for the rows but still the entire set of icons are left aligned. How to get them at the center ?

  2. What’s the difference between Sydney Free and Sydney Pro version ?

Hello there,

Thank you for getting in touch here. I would like to apologize in advance for responding slowly.

> 1 & 2

It happens because the clients has been already set as the Clients post type slug (Dashboard > Clients). Visiting this URL will always falls back to the post type archive. It doesn’t represent the client page that you wish. It’s considered as normal. There is no fix needed. The WordPress system works the way like this dealing with custom post type. I would suggest you to use this one Or maybe works for you?

> 3

Thank you for asking. Please refer here. I thought it explains better.


Thanks for the info and alternate link is fine for me. Can you please look into
my second query…
"I am not getting all the icons at the center of the page. The setup can be seen at
Even in mobile version all the client icons are getting left aligned vertically.
How to get them right in the center of page both in desktop and mobile version ?
I tried everything in row and page settings but result is same. Pls advise.

In order to achieve that objective, could you please try to add the following CSS code through the Simple Custom CSS plugin or child theme’s style.css?

#pl-802 .widget_sow-image img{
  margin-left: auto;
  margin-right: auto;

Let me know how it goes.


It’s working fine now in the desktop version which can be seen at

However the same page in mobile is appearing like this

Can I get all the client icons vertically at the center ?

Hello there,

Thank you for updating me.

Could you please try to clear your browser cache? It seems working fine as expected on my phone.


Hello Kharis,

It’s working fine on various tabs on mobiles except on Xiomi Redmi’s default browser even after clearing the cache.
It’s fine for me as it’s working on various other browsers of mobiles / tablets.
Thanks for the support.