Client Block Carousel not rotating

Hi there
Very very nice theme. I got 6 images for this carousel which is not rotating with the same height of 75 pixels. I know you need to login to work your magic but let me know the best way to proceed. Also, this is not working at our main home page of
P.S. This was bought yesterday

Hello, you just need to assign the Front Page template to your front page. We’re only loading the carousel script there.

Hi Vlad
I checked under the theme of Customize->Static Front Page
A static page check with the Front Page set as my front page as you hinted.
Am I missing something?


That’s also required, but that’s not what I meant. You need to edit your front page from the Edit Page button at the top of the screen. You’ll notice a Page Attributes menu on the right side with a Template dropdown in it. That’s where you need to select your front page template.

Woot woot. It works and thanks a billion.