Clickable services


is there a way to make each service (the icon, service name and the description) clickable? I would like to link each service with separate pages (with broader descriptions).

What about facts?


You beat me to it haha. I was going to request what you are asking, and also that in the next update for there to be an option to also add a round picture instead of the regular service icons. It would be nice to have an image rather than an icon for each service and be able to click on them to view more details.


Alright, we’ll have an update ready, probably tomorrow, which will let you link each service to whatever page you want. I could do the same for the facts, though I’m not sure most people would need that - anyway, it won’t hurt to add it.

@bneedham - You can add an image and make it link wherever you want from the post editor. Just edit a service and put an image at the top of your content. And you can make it round with a bit of CSS, like this:

.service img {
    border-radius: 50%;

Of course, the image would need to be a square if you want it to become a perfect circle.

thanks vlad!


Is this update available now? I could really use it!



Yes, it has been available for some time now. Just make sure you also go to the documentation and get the latest settings .xml file. Simply import it like you did with the first one and it will add the needed field in the Services post editor.