Clickable link on header slider image & App Store logo top right in header

Hi everyone

We would love some assistance in getting our sydney pro theme website ( customized with the following:

  1. Adding the App Store logo (with a link to the store’s all) in the top header where the logo is, but justified to the right. So when you arrive on the page, it’s up there first thing you see.

  2. We’ve added in custom javascript to enable clickable link on the header slider to the App Store app page, but it only works on mobile and not desktop for some strange reason.

FYI - Here is what we have added for #2:


if( $(’.header-slider’).length ){

var slideLink1 = '<a href=""></a>';
var slideLink2 = '<a href=""></a>';
var slideLink3 = '<a href=""></a>';






Many thanks

Hi there,

To adjust the App Store logo to the right (right justified on the site logo position), you can use this CSS code:

.site-header .col-md-4 {
    text-align: right;

And I already check your site in desktop and mobile screen, The App store logo is already clickable. Did you already resolved this?


Hi Awan
Many thanks in responding, and yes I managed to resolve the clickable app
store logo in the site logo space late last night.
I was actually wondering if you can have two logos on the site logo
position? One justified left and one justified right.

For example: App Store logo on the right and my company logo on the left