Clean up after using Sydney Import example content and CPT's

I originally sent email to support bc there were a few things i needed advising on. They told me to post technical questions on the forum. here there are - thanks

  1. updates:
    i have had the theme for about a year and i am not sure i have seen an update come up in the theme section within wordPress. i paid for the pro theme, so i am wondering if there were any updates and why i am not receiving them?

  2. child theme:
    i have the child theme set up and it works as expected for php files and css. but for files in the “sydney-pro-ii/page-template” or “sydney-pro-ii/partials” or “sydney-pro-ii/js”, i have not been able to recreate these paths/files in the child theme and have them override the parent file. any advice on how i can get this to work so i don’t loose my changes? especially for any changes to the js files i wanted to have in the child them but i can’t get the site to use the child version - only seems to use the parent/original version. the js plugin seems to load late and has issues.

  3. i would like to lighten the load of stock/example data and de register/delete some of the custom post types that got installed with the sydney-toolbox. how do i get rid of the custom post types like “employees” and “pricing tables” etc. i don’t want to get rid of all of them because i am using a few (“services”) for example. is there a way to get rid of some of them? what is the best way?

  • my solution currently is to comment out some of the code in the sydney-toolbox plugin. this seemed to hide the custom post types. is this the right thing to do, or are there things behind the scenes still running/registering these hidden CPTs?. the only one i couldn’t hide was pricing table? can you advise on that as well.

also how to get rid of the sydney widgets i am not using as well, or is it not worth the effort because they don’t take up much space or resources (should i just leave them?)

  1. multi use:
    am i able to reuse the theme to create multiple sites.

  2. font awesome
    are there any updates for sydney pro that incorporate font awesome new icons.

Hello there,

Thank you for your questions. To help us easier assist you and track the progress let’s address them one by one.


The update notice will appear only if you’re running at least Sydney Pro 2.0. If you are still running 1.x, please consider to upgrade.

For your other questions, please post them in separate topic. Use one topic for one question.


ok i will post them separate. but for #1 i am using version 2… sydney-pro-ii. i have started a ticket with support because it appears that there is no record of my purchase even though i have a key and receipt. it is like my account was deleted. perhaps this is why no updates are pushed to my sydney pro 2.

Hello there,

Has your license key been activated in the Appearance > Theme License in your site’s dashboard?


yes. support has no idea how this happened. i have a license. they have sent me a discount code to re buy and re register a new license.