Class or ID Name for the Moesia Blog

Hi there, on the Moesia Theme, what is the Class or ID name for the “Blog” “Posts Pages” for the Moesia Theme, is it the same name for “Pages” or no?

This is for CSS customization purposes such as Lay out design and so forth. I enjoy the theme very much so thank you. Seems like I am rebuilding an entire site from scratch almost, thank God I’m not though.

Hello there,

Thank you for asking.

For blog page, use:


For single post page, use:


123 is the post ID number.


Hi, thank you for such a prompt reply. It seems like I am able to adjust width for pages using .content-area, .page and .widget-area, and other classes, .site-content, but for some reason I am not able to adjust the width of each individual column in the blog, I’ve used .blog with the other classes so they are all the same, but they do not adjust the same at all, if at all.

Perhaps I should try again, but I am not so sure as to why I am not able to achieve this. Maybe it is the .postid-123 class, since I don’t think I have tried that yet, but I can’t even adjust the widget area on the blog page either, although I can with regular Pages.

I would think this should occur simultaneously, but it doesn’t.

Hi thank you for the class name for the blog. I’m having a slight problem though. I am using a static front page which is just a page I have turned on for the front page.

I have managed to adjust the width of the entire page along with the two columns, namely the sidebar and the main content area so that there may be a wider width for mobile.

What I can’t seem to do is the very same thing for the blog. I have tried using .blog but to no avail, I don’t get what I am not doing right to make these minor adjustments. I have tried using .hentry .post-entry and so forth. I have just about used every class name in the Chrome’s developer console.

I am using a child theme too, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it either. The only thing that the home page and the blog page have in common is that the entire width across both columns are the same, which is good, but what exactly is the class name to adjust the widget area as well as the blog content area, so that the insides may be adjusted?

Regards, Marc

Hi there. I apologize for making such long posts, I don’t even try for that to happen and most of the time the solution is an extremely simply one, but describing the problem is extremely complex.

Anyways, I figured it out, and I figured that answer out on the Sydney forum. This is the only code that I found that fixed everything for me,

.entry-thumbnail img {
width: 100%;

Amazing isn’t? It’s like magic when you hit it, especially widths, 8 ) It magically resizes like an animation. Perhaps such a simple fix for those who are adjusting widths can be implemented into the Moesia theme, as it’s such a simple code. Maybe I’m not seeing something here.

Better and faster responses would be greatly appreciated on trying to solve complex problems with simple answers, it’s not like we are asking for a complete site renovation, just a simple fix of code is all. Anyways, thank you for the theme, I still greatly appreciate it. 8 )

Actually, not to lead anybody astray this code is for Sydney apparently:

.entry-thumbnail img {
width: 100%;

If you are messing with the Moesia Theme Blog List Page Featured Images, then you want this CSS code :

.entry-thumb img {
width: 100%;

Working for free here.