Chnage Categories Template


I’m using Alizee and I’m very happy. Thank you for this great Theme.

I want to ask a question.

What I want to do is to change Category page ( This is standard page. I want to modify it, like hiding date and showing content, instead excerpt.

Can you help me?



Thank you for choosing our theme :slight_smile:

Sure, but can you please explain it more details?
Please post each question in separate posts. Because we want each issue easy to be found within this forum.


I want to put post content to the Category page, not excerpt.

example page:

I am sorry, there is no option to do this within the theme options.
To achieve this, you need to change the existing code of the theme and that’s against our support policy.

Instead, please hire a Wordpress developer from a job marketplace such as or or etc.


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