Childtheme just one post in a row

I just bought the pro version of alizee. Great theme but some things are a little strange.

I created a child theme as usual when I work with wordpress.

When I activate it, the posts on the post page are not in a row anymore but under each other. It looks like this.

Parent theme

Child theme

I deactivated every plugin but its just not working.
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks very much.


Could you post a link to your website?

Have you made any code changes?

Thanks for the quick reply. I have made changes in the child theme style.css because I had to move on with my site. But the problem was there before.

I bought the Theme, installed it and made a child theme. And it happend to be like I explaind in my first post. I forget to mention that the slider is also gone if I activate the child theme.

The temp link to my WIP Website is

Thanks very much.

I’m going to need to see your website with the child theme activated and the issue present so i can figure out what’s wrong :slight_smile:

I know now its active. I just deleted the child theme again and made a clean new one, so that we can exclude the changes I made. I don`t know why but it works now =D

The only problem is that if I now change anything in the childthemes style css it will not overwrite as I refresh the page.

Now the child theme is active by the way :wink:

You probably have some cache issues. If the child theme is done right there is no way that it doesn’t overwrite the CSS from the parent theme.

Feel free to send an admin account for me at vlad[at] if you’re still having issues and I could take a look.

Thanks very much. I think I solved it! I´t was not an issue with the theme but with the child theme creator I used. Now I did it manually and BRAVO it works :wink:

I also wanted to know if it is possible to make the header image wider than 1920px or auto scale it. Because all the monitors I use are bigger than that so I have bars on the left and right which I like to hide.
But we can discuss that in another thread if you like.
Just to stay on topic :wink:

Thank you

Simply uploading an image wider than 1920px doesn’t work?

If it doesn’t, go to custom-header.php, find this line and delete it:

'width'                  => 1920,

Super great, commenting out the width worked. This theme is so great!I I appreciate it

One last question. Is it possible to edit the last Posts page? I need some text and anchers above the slider and the post thumbnails.

Or can I view the slider and the post thumbnails in a static page rather than just viewing them on the last post page.


Could you maybe make a screenshot and draw what you want to achieve? I’m not sure I understand.

Thank you, I send you an email right now :wink: