Child theme

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I’m just working out how everything works in Wordpress, having not used it before. I want to make some styling tweaks, so was going to use a child theme. That’s up and running, but it’s overridden the settings (like the menu setup) that I had in the original Sydney theme.

I saw you could download a settings XML file - is there something similar I can do to export the settings from the parent theme, and somehow import that into the child theme I’m creating?

Is there a particular file I should be looking for to include in my child theme directory, or is it a case of re-creating all the settings again?

Hoping to get hold of a developer copy later on if I can get it all working OK :slight_smile:

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Sorry to disappoint, but that’s how child themes work. They don’t keep the same settings as the parents - although it would be cool in this case.
Only thing I can think to make your job easier would be to have the parent active in Customizer mode and then open a new tab, active the child and go to the Customizer. This way you can copy your settings from the parent to the child easily.

Ah, thanks Vlad - no worries…

How does it work when you update a theme to a new version?
I guess if I had to update and was using the out-of-the-box theme, the settings would roll across?

Is that the case when there’s a child theme too, or would you be stuck have to enter all the settings again?

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Settings get stored in the database, not in the theme, so updating won’t do anything to your settings. Same thing for the child. You can even delete both child and parent and still have your settings once you reinstall.

Nice one, thanks for confirming Vlad.
Time to get cracking on building the site!

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