Child Theme

Hi all,

just a simple question.

You offer a child theme for sydney - If i install and activate it I haven´t problems with modifications may be lost by updates.
Just installing and that´s it?

No editing or copying files for it?


Maybe you can let us know what modifications within those child theme? Just to make sure that your site will not make conflict with the parent theme when you activate it.

With the child theme, your modification will not replaced when you update the theme. So, its good choice if you make some theme modification in your child theme :slight_smile:


i edited the header.php by including json markup for using rich snippets. Changed the footer.php for my copyright and did some changes in the style.css. That´s it till now.

What you have to do with a child theme is:

  1. Install it correctly (style.css and function.php)
  2. Activate the child theme via the backend
  3. Copy the files in the child theme folder file and then modify them there

OK thanks, will do that and see how it goes.


Thanks a lot for that great theme.