Child theme

considering the amount of updates Moesia provides, and how much I would like to customise in the css, can you help me figure out how to make a child theme work properly? Following the wordpress codex instructions, I have a moesia-pro child theme with its own style.css and a functions php to use the child css on top of the parent theme…
However, some of the customise menu changes (such as changing colours) do not work if I activate the child theme (not currently activated). I expect quite a few things that I have not tested will also not work… Would it be possible to use a child css with the full benefit of moesia-pro’s functions? If so, what additional code would I need?
It’s rather annoying to have to reinstert changes to the css manually everytime I update the theme.
Thank you for your info


I just tested and it’s working fine. What exactly is not working for you? The options don’t literally work or they don’t output the styles? You don’t need a functions.php file in your child theme unless you’re trying to overwrite PHP code, there’s no point in having it if you’re only making CSS changes.

Would be easier to just use a custom CSS plugin if you only make CSS changes since you might also want at some point to change the CSS for various plugins. But is that account you made for me still valid? Could I take a look at what you have there?

To answer the question from your other thread: I’m planning a small update to fix something and I’ll also add options for those fonts.

I agree that it’s annoying to reinsert the changes, that’s why I always recommended on the forum using a custom CSS plugin or a child theme.

An update is available and it provides the option to change the font for the welcome area (not for the button, which uses the headings font for consistency).

Hello, thanks for the custom welcome area fonts, that’s much nicer. I’ve removed the functions.php file from the child theme, and the customize menu works and actually outputs the changes now. Thanks for clearing that up.