Child theme? With the editor?

Is it possible to have a child theme with West? I created a “west-child” folder and it worked fine, however, the editor was no longer available. Is it not possible to have both? Or is there a place where I can add custom CSS? I would like to be able to customize some text formatting, add new classes/functions, etc.

Thank you!!

Creating a child theme for West is standard process, nothing else :slight_smile: Not sure what editor you’re referring to.

I was referring to the Live Composer editor but it is working now. I think my Firefox was screwed up last week.

However, since I have enabled a child theme, the logo does not appear on Frirefox but does appear on IE. The icons are still not appearing on the main domain name (

Could it be something to do with the child theme messing up the URL and the logo/icons?

Thank you!