Child Theme....try it again

Ok I was wrong. I figured out how to make a child theme…if I was starting from scratch. I however need a child theme created from my existing theme. I already did all the work, and every update destroys sections of it, so I would like a child theme to prevent that from happening. Could someone please give me a short easy walkthrough on how to transfer all of my changes to a child theme, and save it…and how to use it?

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Please check the following resources:

We have a premade child theme for Sydney which can be download from here. It can be very useful as your starting point.


ok, and this will show me step by step how to migrate my existing Parent into the Child?

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Not directly. What files did you edit?


a lot of them…
The Footer, Menu Bar, Services, I made a lot of customizations, and I cant figure out what all I have done, and what needs to be re-done…im sort of frustrated. I have slowly pieced it back together, I used the theme more as a starting point, which I assume was the purpose. I will google, and hope that someone can point me in the right direction on how to create a child from an existing and edited parent theme, how to save it, and how to use it.

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To find which files you edited, download the Sydney theme to your drive. Open all files and compare side by side with the modified ones with this tool or use this program. Make sure the versions are matched.


ugh, ok that is very useful…however, i have done probably 1/2 to 3/4 of them and literally NOTHING is different…
I did a lot of changes through plugins and through TJ Custom CSS…
I made changes to each section (for example, SERVICES) by using visual editor, or by adding widgets with the information in them that I wanted displayed.

I am SOOOOO confused, if all of these php sheets are exactly the same as the originals, where is it saving all of my changes? for example, font color, or an image…maybe you can look at the site and laugh at me for not knowing what the hell I am doing…
Thank you for the help…im more confused now then i was when we started though…lol

the footer keeps getting changed, I can fix that once i have a child theme, i will just add what i want on the footer to the child and I wont have to change it again…I know that much at least.

So nobody is going to read my March 30th comments and help me? I am still in the same place, I couldn’t find any differences, all of my changes were done through widgets or plugins…
I want the bottom (footer) to stop changing, how do I migrate to a child theme from my existing parent theme?

eppicmedia - your CSS changes have probably been saved in the database.

I found this out when customising a different theme and also couldn’t find which files changed.

However, I don’t know whether they’d be overwritten by a Sydney update, or if you now created a child theme whether your customisations will be retained or lost.

I recently started a new site using Sydney, and successfully created a child theme using Child Theme Configurator before I started.

What changes do you wish to make in the footer?

Thanks Havego!
I decided to load my Production site on my laptop (so i can view it) as i rebuild using a child theme on my desktop logged into my Staging site…
Now i can see where some of the errors are as i go which will be nice…
My issue with the footer is every update, it changes to “producted by Sydney” blah blah blah…
I want it to STAY “produced by Eppic Media” blah blah blah.

Happy to share - learning every day :slight_smile:

To customise footer credits a child theme footer.php must be edited, although the code varies from one theme to another. The file can be edited directly or via the WP dashboard (Appearance->Editor, child theme footer on the right)

Two options:

  1. Customise footer.php
  2. Delete or comment out the code block:
    <div class=“site-info container”>
    </div><!-- .site-info -->

Eppicmedia,an alternative to creating a Sydney child theme using a tool like Child Theme Configurator was suggested by Kharis Sulistiyono at pre-made Sydney child theme

The pre-made Sydney child theme doesn’t display the credits.

Havago - I have the premade child theme, but I have a LOT of extra code and customization, some of it is in additional code area, some of it is just customizing using the pvp sheet… so it will take awhile for me to transfer all of my information over. ALSO, none of the moderators are answering this question, and I am getting fairly upset, because it would save me a TON of time to know how to do this quicker…

There’s an article here that explains how to Create Child Themes After You Have Made Changes to an Existing Parent Theme.

It would apply whether you started with the pre-made Sydney child theme or created your own manually or created one using a tool like Child Theme Configurator.

Hello @eppicmedia,

I am sorry for the delay.

Child is actually a different theme which inherits the parent theme functionalities and styles. But the code you’ve added to the customizer (Appearance > Customize) can’t be instantly synced to child theme. You’ll need to manually export/import it by using the Customizer Export/Import plugin. The steps you should take are:

  1. Activate the parent theme
  2. Activate the Customizer Export/Import plugin
  3. Go to Appearance > Customize > Export/Import > Export
  4. Activate the child theme
  5. Go to Appearance > Customize > Export/Import
  6. In the Export section, select the exported style > Import

I hope this helps.


Ok Kharis, THANKS!
I will log into GoDaddy, load the whole website into my staging site, then follow these steps, it could take me a couple hours as I am super duper busy at the moment, but I will do it and respond as soon as I can.

You are a superhero…can we be friends? lol
IF you get a chance, go look at my other thread - I found something I like -
That guy cant figure it out, and it should be REALLY simple…
I will close this after I see a response from you if you can at least peak at it. Thank you so much, it seems to be working perfectly, now I just have to fix a bunch of crap LOL

Is this the ticked you mean?