Child theme problems

A few questions:

  • i’m running into the weirdest problem. In the child theme i can’t seem to get the home/header with the animated text to work! It works in the normal theme, but in the child theme it doesn’t. Have you encountered this problem before and can you tell me what to do?

-I would like to have a customised menubar sticky to the top instead of the menu bar on the right, could this be done easily? Or not easy… maybe some tutorial? Problem ofcourse with the menu is that it needs to react responsive.

Well hope you can help!

Like the theme very much and would like to use it as soon as possible

Kind regards,


Hello Pete,

The animated text should have no problem with the child theme, already tested and all is working as well.

Maybe you have to re-setting the header from customize > header area. If it still no working, Could you please to share your child theme? and let me check if there is something that caused the animated text not working.

And you have make an advance customisation to move the menu from sidebar to the top bar. You can contact codeable if necessary.

Hi, problem solved. The animated text only works when there’s a background image aplied. Because I use a background carroussel plugin i didn’t need one. I made a transparent placeholder and now it works. Maybe you could fix this without the need of a background image?

For the menu. Would it be an awnser to take the menu out of the header and use some kind of responsive sticky menu plugin?


Maybe you could fix this without the need of a background image?

That was not an error and nothing to be fixed for those part.

And to move the sidebar menu to the top, I am not sure if there is plugin for this. But I suggest you to hire web developer to customize this theme.