Child theme not loading new page templates after update

I have a number of customised page templates which are in the page-template folder in the child theme.
On updating the theme, all pages reverted to the default theme.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Have you checked whether the CSS styling for your addtional page templates are loaded in the front end?

Please share the link to your pages I can check directly.

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aThemes Support

Let me have another look - I think it is something to do with the posts not showing.
I wont be upgrading the theme any time soon tho

Sorted it ,
However, on updating the theme it didnt recognise any of the changes in the functions.php and more annoyingly, reverted all of the page templates to default.
I have reinstalled the old version and changed all the page templates - again.

I have sorted this now.
However, is it the norm that when you activate the child theme all customisation (via the template) including images, font and colour settings and the additional CSS doesn’t carry over?


I can confirm that is not considered as an issue because the settings are tied with the theme, which is identified by its slug name. When a child theme is enabled, WordPress system recognizes it as a new theme since the slug that is identified by its folder name is different.

To load the settings and assign them to the new theme, you can follow this guide. Refer to the export settings and adjust the folder name.

​I hope this reply helps.

aThemes Support