Child Theme Fonts Inconsistent


I’ve recently been getting familiar with the use of a child theme as I’ve been making small edits to my site.

One issue I have is that when using Fashionistas, I cannot seem to keep the font consistent when moving from the parent theme to the child theme. No matter which font I select in the ‘Customize’ menu my site always looks different to how it was when the parent theme was active.

My site is here:

Here is what the parent theme looks like:

And here is what the child theme looks like:

The font in the headers of posts and in the widgets on the sidebar are different and I can’t seem to rectify this. It’d be good to either know what specific font is used so I can implement a plug-in to add it as a custom font, or to simply solve the issue.


Hello there,

Probably caching plugin is causing these issues. Try to clear caching plugin cache, and then disable it, and test this again. It is important to keep caching plugins disabled while you are developing site since they are loading minified css and js files, and sometimes they will mess things when you are changing theme, or some theme options.

All the Best!

Hi dimikjones,

Thanks for the pointer. I was indeed using a caching plugin, although it wasn’t what was causing the problem.

For some reason some of the font weights and other information wasn’t being carried over into the child theme, fortunately I’ve solved this now by copying over the corresponding code from the parent stylesheet into the child stylesheet.

All looks good now.